Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd (azstar78) wrote,
Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd

New Silkscreens

It's been 5 weeks, It feels like a life time. I got the new Silkscreens. I've been busy, I just got my Artist t-shirt samples for one of my 2k Shirts. I've been busy setting up a design studio that remains nameless and working none stop on clients. Once the firm opens I'll have more time to work on fine art. Also I' doing my normal winter hide away. You can see large photos of the prints on my website - http://www.danielstgeorge.com Hope your all well.

J-Pop, 36in. x 24in. (91cm x 61cm) 3 Colors on speckle tone cream paper, ed. 65

Coke Jar, 18in. x 24in. (45cm x 61cm) 4 Colors on white paper, ed. 50
*white on white, and Metallic silver ink

Endless, 24in. x 36in. (61cm x 91cm) 7 Colors on speckle tone cream paper, ed. 55

Good Day and Good Night
online at :: stgeorge.bigcartel.com/
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