Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd (azstar78) wrote,
Daniel Anthony St. George 2nd

The XX


I’m over at my friend Grace’s house in the West Village, well in the meat-packing district I spent the last 10 days in Florida visiting Southern Dan also for New Years Eve. It was boring, boring dull.. and yes dull. Florida is a place for summer, winter in the woods is pretty but with out a tripod it felt hopeless. I started taking photos, and I also realized after my hiatus I don’t have to be an artist first. I’m in debate about returning to school and getting my AA in Menswear. I’m actually going to go to the art supply store in East Village get white pencils, water color ink and draw up some old designs as fashion sketches. One of my favorite artists Alexander Calder… there is no rush. This media age everything is replacing everything. I can have everything just not all at once, my art should be for me first. I don’t need bogs, prints, t-shirts to feel good. I need a brush, and a show rarely. I want it to be special, there is no need for me to sell everything now. I want it to inspire me not the need to make money doing it. Is it becoming a hobby maybe so. I’m no longer calling myself and artist. I’ll design fashion and be happy. I will paint and keep a small modest studio to paint in on the weekends. All things will be as they must, and must be as they be.

I’m not stopping blogging, but I’m not in a rush to do it. The people that desire to see might have to take more effort.
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